Dependable Car Accident Lawyer in High Point, NC

Auto accidents are often terrifying, but talking to a lawyer shouldn’t be. With Ewing Carter III, P.A., you talk to a real person. We are your advocates in troubling times. So, if you were in an auto accident recently, you need a car accident lawyer to take on your case. 

Are you ready to call an attorney? We are ready to be your car accident attorney in High Point, NC.

How Do We Handle Each Case?

The first part of each case starts during the initial accident. This is when, if possible, you try to gather evidence about the accident. Next, you should always seek medical attention and always keep receiving medical care until you are better or deemed to have permanent injuries by your doctor.

Then, file a claim with your insurance company if you have one. Do not give a statement to the other insurance company or sign anything from them. Next, call a car accident lawyer. We take the case from there by conducting an investigation. After that is the settlement demand, which either leads to the case closing or a lawsuit being filed.

If the case goes to trial, the next step is called the discovery period. Following that period is mediation, and if that does not work, we go to trial.

The important thing is that Ewing Carter III, P.A. will be by your side throughout this process. If you need a car accident attorney, call us at (336) 883-2247.